23 October 2007

Fremont or Bust

Well, at least Lew Wolff isn't entertaining the concept of a local bidding war. In what has the most definitive statement to date, Wolff reaffirmed the idea that Fremont is Plan A, there is no Plan B, and Oakland is out of the picture. Wolff's quote from Carolyn Jones' Chronicle article:
"We don't want to move. We don't want to start pitting cities against each other, but it's out of the question we'll stay in Oakland," he said after a speech at the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco.
Those who have been following this for a while know that this is no fundamental change in Wolff's stance since the Cisco Field plan was unveiled. Fremont was really the only plan in place. This time, Wolff added what amounts to a complete dismissal of Oakland as a possibility.

As the A's close their 40th year at the Coliseum, it seems a certainty that the team will not see their 50th year there. I suppose there's some strategic value in Wolff sending the message so bluntly, but I have to question it. What's to be gained by going this route? It won't make Fremont officials move faster. It won't move the needle on regional support. And it definitely won't win over any die-hard Oakland-firsters.

As I write this, an old USFL game between the Pittsburgh Maulers and the New Jersey Generals is playing on ESPN Classic. Like the USFL and the Oakland Invaders, the "Oakland Athletics" will soon become a thing of the past.


linusalf said...

only if fremont actually happens.

there is still a long way to go.

Jeffrey said...

Even if Fremont doesn't happen. The A's will be out of Oakland.

My hope if Fremont happens so that it doesn't become out of the Bay Area.

Anonymous said...

There's always Sacramento.

JP said...

From a population aspect, San Jose is the best choice. San Jose Athletics has a nice ring to it.

....the 3rd largest city in CA...and the 10th largest city in the United States...oakland is the 43rd largest.

Just from a cash/sales aspect, if i were the A's owner, San Jose has what i'm looking for and Fremont is close enough for A's fans from the east bay and south bay. Think of the sales of just all the new team apparel...the oakland a's apparel would be outdated.

Interesting stuff!

FC said...

Well at least Wolff is being more definitive about the date of completion - 2012. This despite just 10 days ago saying the ballpark may be open in 2011, maybe even 2010.

Anonymous said...

Here was what Lew was also quoted as saying in today's articles in the Trib and CC Times:

And finally, on why we haven't done more with the market for Asian players:

"First of all, Asian players, probably if you asked them -- and could understand them -- they would like to stay on the West Coast," he said. "But the money that's being spent by the Yankees and Boston, they're having to make the extra five-hour flight."
Good luck with that quote, Lew.

Marine Layer said...

I'm Asian. Big whoop.

The recent Pacquiao-Barrera fight had a half-hour promotional video aired occasionally on HBO. Like many Filipinos, Pacquiao speaks pidgin English. Since I am accustomed to hearing that, I didn't have a problem picking through his accent. HBO didn't feel that way and put up English subtitles whenever he spoke. Was I offended? No, because I knew that not everyone would be able to immediately understand what he was saying.

Fact is many Asian baseball players have translators to make their dealings with the American media easier. Others try their hand at English.

Is Wolff's joke a big deal? Nope. But if you want to make this a PC, paternalistic issue, go ahead.

Anonymous said...

Fremont has always where it's been at. Brokeland never won anything. All the A's World Championships came from Fremont. We have more people at tailgates than a Raider game. We have more Flags and Drummers than Brokeland. Let's Go Fremont!

a's fan said...

This is starting to remind me of Scooby-Doo. Lew begins to sound like the old guy who runs the amusement park. Shaggy's obviously an environmentalist.

Had to wikipedia it. Yeah, right:

Upon learning the villain's true identity, the fiendish plot is fully explained, and the apprehended criminal would utter the famous catchphrase, or a variation thereof:

"And I would have gotten away with it, if it wasn't for you meddling kids!"

anon-a-mouse said...

Yea, faker is back. You are so convincing.

I took Lew's quote to mean if you understand Japanese, Korean, etc, not if you can understand their English.

Moe said...

That was an anonymously dumbass comment.

BleacherDave said...

I'm VERY encouraged. There is no Plan B, and sayeth Lew Wolff,

"We don't want to move."


Keep Hope Alive! Oakland AM Somebody!

Anonymous said...

I am sick and tired of this guy's laments. Cure for cancer versus complying with environmental impacts given this day and age of environmental problems? Give me a break. A lifetime developer complaining about CEQUA? Stop it. Can't understand asians? Old man excuse, I guess. Very poor performance by Mr. Wolf.

Jeffrey said...

On the other hand... In the mercury news today there was a report about the commonwealth meeting that had quotes from fans such as:

"I've been a fan since I was 14 and I lived in Kansas City," she said of the A's. "I'm really looking forward to a state-of-the-art ballpark."

"I feel better about the project than before I came, which is of course why he came here to talk," Ralph Hylinski said.

"They're my AL team," said lifelong Giants fan Myron Lee, 33, of San Francisco, who works in public relations and spent $18 as a non-member of the Commonwealth Club to hear Wolff. "It's a struggle in my mind - is it better to move to Fremont than Omaha? It's not ideal, but it's better than leaving the Bay Area."

I'd call that mixed reviews compared with furor yesterday.

Here is a link to the article Wolff touts A's move to Fremont

Anonymous said...

Mixed review? Go read the over 1oo comments on yesterdays SF Gate article. It's 90% against this move to Fremont.

anon-a-mouse said...

That proves nothing except that the readers of the Chronicle have been fed a constant stream of negativity about the move.

Anonymous said...

Everyone sees through this guy except a few posters on this site. Ratto is right. Wolff has nowhere to go.

Jeffrey said...

Everyone. As if talking in absolutes makes you right.

And by mixed reviews, I meant from people who actually attended the event. Not what people reading an article about it felt after they read said article.

There are many people I know who support the move and the new stadium. I guess the true test will be when it is built, how many people show up. I will be there with bells on. You can stay home if you want. That's your perogative.

Dean M. said...

Ratto said there was nowhere to move when the Expos where in Montreal.