27 March 2006

Staying on point

At this point Lew Wolff must be getting tired of giving the same unrevealing answers about the state of the A's. Here's another set of vague quotes, courtesy of SF Business Times scribe Eric Young. Young also wrote an article on how stadium enhancements are allowing both the A's and Giants to pull greater revenues during spring training. One interesting factoid: the A's pay the City of Phoenix $400,000/year on rent at Phoenix Muni. That's almost as much as what they pay at the Coliseum for far fewer dates.

The A's are playing a sold-out exhibition game on Thursday against the River Cats in Sacramento. If a reporter or columnist with the Sacramento Bee gets ahold of Wolff, we'll see how the inevitable "What about Sacramento?" is handled. We can almost be certain of another Marcus Breton love letter to the A's.

If for some reason you still had some hope for the A's new home to be at the Oakland Uptown site, the final nail has been pounded into your optimism's coffin. Forest City and Macfarlane Partners signed a 66-year ground lease on the Uptown land. Yes, construction has already started there.