20 July 2007

First poll results

Voting for the first poll is now closed. Here are the results:

  • A. Outright betrayal - 12 (10%)
  • B. Necessary but unsavory - 23 (20%)
  • C. Little to no difference to me - 3 (2%)
  • D. Fine as long as they stay in the Bay - 44 (38%)
  • E. Extremely positive - 33 (28%)
I didn't notice until after I posted the poll that options B and D were actually similar but shaded and framed in different ways. For that reason only A and E are considered definitive positions, while B-D are rather gray. As a result, I will not "pool" the responses and declare a winner. The very unscientific result speaks for itself.

The next poll topic comes courtesy of a Georob comment from this morning regarding the ill-fated Piccinini group. Save Mart owner Piccinini put together a prospective ownership group that would've included Men's Wearhouse founder George Zimmer, former A's marketing veep Andy Dolich, and Reggie Jackson (preceded by Joe Morgan). In 1999 the group was on the verge of buying the A's from the Schott-Hofmann group but a vote of all MLB team owners resulted in a 28-2 decision to table the sale pending the Blue Ribbon committee's further study. The bid subsequently died on the vine, and the rest is history.

The question: How would have the Piccinini group been different?

  • A. Downtown Oakland ballpark
  • B. New Coliseum lot ballpark
  • C. Stayed in Coliseum indefinitely
  • D. Moved elsewhere in Bay Area
  • E. Moved out of Bay Area

If you like, you can post a comment here to go with your vote. Cheers.