12 August 2009

California Redwoods. WTF?!?!?!?!

It's a bad sign for the UFL when none of the Bay Area daily papers had a story from Tuesday's unveiling of the San Francisco California franchise team name and colors. Just as well, though, since they would have been blinded by this:

SF Weekly's Joe Eskenazi was brave enough to potentially harm his own lenses and a digital SLR's, all of which apparently came away unscathed. The color combo is indescribably awful, except to say that it looks like Paul Pelosi consulted with Proctor & Gamble's laundry detergent department to hone in on that special mix of hues. You can even now download a uniform guidelines doc (PDF) showing exactly which Pantone colors you'll need to match if you want to make your own custom Femi Ayanbadejo jersey.

BTW the team will be called the California Redwoods. According to NBC Bay Area's late sports report, home games will be played at AT&T Park. Previously, it was expected that games would be split between SF and Sacramento. Why else would they use the California moniker? The Las Vegas team also claims the Los Angeles market, which means that some home games will be played at Home Depot Center. Whatever the reasoning behind all of this, tickets go on sale later today at 10 AM. I won't be scrambling to get tickets, but I am curious enough to attend a game at some point if they actually start playing.

Blue blocker sunglasses are a necessity, though maybe not at the inaugural home game, which is scheduled for the night of October 17 (yes, that October 17), I suppose, to avoid potential conflicts with the Giants' postseason schedule.