12 August 2009

California Redwoods. WTF?!?!?!?!

It's a bad sign for the UFL when none of the Bay Area daily papers had a story from Tuesday's unveiling of the San Francisco California franchise team name and colors. Just as well, though, since they would have been blinded by this:

SF Weekly's Joe Eskenazi was brave enough to potentially harm his own lenses and a digital SLR's, all of which apparently came away unscathed. The color combo is indescribably awful, except to say that it looks like Paul Pelosi consulted with Proctor & Gamble's laundry detergent department to hone in on that special mix of hues. You can even now download a uniform guidelines doc (PDF) showing exactly which Pantone colors you'll need to match if you want to make your own custom Femi Ayanbadejo jersey.

BTW the team will be called the California Redwoods. According to NBC Bay Area's late sports report, home games will be played at AT&T Park. Previously, it was expected that games would be split between SF and Sacramento. Why else would they use the California moniker? The Las Vegas team also claims the Los Angeles market, which means that some home games will be played at Home Depot Center. Whatever the reasoning behind all of this, tickets go on sale later today at 10 AM. I won't be scrambling to get tickets, but I am curious enough to attend a game at some point if they actually start playing.

Blue blocker sunglasses are a necessity, though maybe not at the inaugural home game, which is scheduled for the night of October 17 (yes, that October 17), I suppose, to avoid potential conflicts with the Giants' postseason schedule.


Anonymous said...

WTF is right! How long ML before this thing folds?

Neill said...

Whatever happened to AT&T being a baseball only facility?

Pork chops and applesauce said...

You can't buy tickets for the Oct. 17 Redwoods game at AT&T Park. The website says go to back to the future with this message:

The United Football League has extended you an early offer to purchase tickets for their premier season. Please visit this page again on Monday, August 10th at 1:00pm PST with your password to take advantage of your early opportunity.

Not sure where you get a password.

Maybe the UFL doesn't think the league will last until October 17 or is reconsidering playing on the 20th anniversary of the Quake.

Pork chops and applesauce said...

The pricing seems reasonable. I think the sideline bleachers might be the best seats in the house. Fans here seem close enough to give the coach the "Gatorade shower."

Check the link:

Brian said...

The $20 sideline bleachers are a steal. Not sure what you'll be able to see from the $10 seats that are obstructed by the sideline bleachers. The end zone bleachers probably obstruct the near end zone (they did when the XFL was there).

bbison said...

I want to take a cheap shot, but it's just too easy.

Not sure about $20 (or any ticket) being a bargain, who knows what level of play this will be?

Stanford has a family plan--4 tix to 6 games for $199 total. Works out to $8.29 a ticket, for big-time college football with free parking. That's a real bargain, and it might well be better quality than this joke league.

Brian said...

They are on sale at but there's no apparent selection for the sideline bleachers, so who knows?

Dan said...

Awesome that they're so tied to the area that they're the "California" Redwoods. Also football at ATT Park, not the best idea in the world.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of football,
The A's field looks awful with all the football chalk still in place.
Navigator probably has no problem with it.
"Rajai Davis...he's at the 30, the 20, the 10...touchdown Athletics!?!?"

Anonymous said...

I'm sure Navigator thinks it enhances the experience, thus making it the best place for baseball on the planet. But people who deal in reality can see that it completely ruins the field -- and not just aesthetically.

Georob said...

I just got back from an East Coast trip where I visited the HOF in Cooperstown and drove past BOTH Yankee Stadiums(they're still prepping the old one for demolition) Didn't see any games, but was surprised how close La Guardia's flight path is to CitiField (Either Shea is gone or I couldn't see it from the plane)

Anyway, I saw that Toyota's terminating operations in Fremont and expected something here about it.

As for the "California Redwoods" it just validates my feeling that team names drive at least half the traffic on this blog. Cheers!

Jeffrey said...

Georob, I just completed a similar trip (to see Rickey Henderson inducted into the Hall).

My thoughts are posted here.

There was a post here about Fremont and non team names a couple of weeks ago... sorry you missed it.