22 March 2005

More idle speculation

Here's another mockup of the Coliseum lot.

Should something like this come to fruition, here's a breakdown of the potential costs

  • 40,000-seat Ballpark - $280 million
  • 288 800-1200 s.f. apartments/condos (blue buildings, 2nd-4th floors) - $60 million
  • 48 900 s.f. apartments/condos overlooking ballpark (red buildings) - $10 million
  • 130,000 s.f. retail/restaurant space (blue and pink buildings, 1st floor) - $30 million
  • 1,400 parking spaces in three garages (purple structures) - $20 million
  • Streetscape and landscape improvements - $15 million
  • Transit plaza construction - $2 million
  • Construction of pedestrian bridges over drainage channels - $3 million
  • Acquisition of neighboring properties required to complete project - $25 million
  • Contingency for delays and cost overruns (soft costs) - $45 million
  • Site preparation - $10-20 million
Total: $500 million without a hotel or other buildings. It also doesn't include the transmission line rerouting. Most if not all of the non-ballpark areas would be financed by private developers. The City would have to buy the Home Base lot, demolish it and construct the new buildings on it. One place to look for an example is St. Louis, where a Ballpark Village is going to built on the heels of the Cards moving out of old Busch Stadium this fall. The final price tag for the combined project? $650 million.