23 June 2005

SB 4 and Eminent Domain news

Two more newspapers have written about CA SB 4:

As reported yesterday, SB 4 passed with no opposition in the AEST&IM committee, and is slated to go Assembly's Appropriations committee, then the floor for a full Assembly vote, and finally the governor's desk.

Moving over to the topic of eminent domain: The Supreme Court
ruled that eminent domain is legal (for non-public purposes) by a 5-4 vote. This clears the way for the DC Ballpark land acquisitions to proceed, and may move the Florida Marlins' ballpark plans forward if they can bridge the funding gap. Much of the land near the Orange Bowl that would be used for the ballpark is residential, and if landowners aren't willing to sell, the city of Miami could turn to eminent domain to acquire property.