07 June 2005

Uptown update: Forest City moving forward

An article from Tuesday's Oakland Tribune summarizes the overall development scene in the Uptown area, which includes the Forest City development among others:

The Oakland Planning Commission voted 6-1 on Wednesday to approve Forest City's design and landscape plans for 665 apartments in a series of five-story buildings, 9,000 square feet of commercial space, 533 parking spaces and a new public park, all spread over three parcels between 19th Street, Thomas L. Berkley Way, Telegraph Avenue and SanPablo Avenue.

Sadly, the actual number of apartments being built by Forest City seems to go down with every new announcement, but it's better than nothing I suppose. It would appear that the only thing that could seriously delay the project now would be the eviction and eminent domain proceedings that are left to take place for current tenants. Once that's out of the way, groundbreaking should occur soon thereafter. That would shut the door for good on a stadium idea, which still burns brightly for many A's fans but hasn't seriously been considered by the City of Oakland for some time now.