25 June 2005

And so the turf wars start...

According to a new article by Scott Wong of the Tribune/ANG, Oakland City Council President Ignacio De La Fuente and Alameda County Supervisor Scott Haggerty have gotten into a war of words regarding the future of the A's.

After an Argus story Friday about Haggerty's renewed call to bring the A's ball club to Fremont, De La Fuente called the newspaper to say the supervisor made that suggestion because he feels marginalized about no longer being able toserve on the board that oversees the Oakland Arena and McAfee Coliseum, the current home of the A's.

"Haggerty is feeling neglected and ignored, and sometimes you have to do things to get your name out there," said De La Fuente, who added that he didn't think the A's franchise is looking at any other Bay Area city outside Oakland to build a new ballpark. "I don't think Fremont or Pleasanton are in the picture, period. I don't think San Jose or Santa Clara are in the picture, period."

But Haggerty said that rather than respond to reports in the media about alternative sites for a baseball-only stadium, De La Fuente should be focusing his attention on Oakland's budget woes, which have forced the city to "dump" its jail population on the county.

De La Fuente replied that he settled the city's budget two weeks before it was due. "I'm taking care of my business," he added.

Haggerty, whose district includes most of Fremont, as well as Pleasanton and Livermore, said he was not intimidated by De La Fuente's "thug tactics."

I would have thought that such bile was reserved for online message boards, not the print media. So much for that. The worst part is, it's probably not going to get easier for De La Fuente and other Oakland-based supporters, especially when San Jose officially gets into the mix.

Fremont Photo Overview

I took new pictures of the two Fremont sites. Here they are, compiled into photo overview format (PDF). I will warn you, gentle reader, that you will probably get bored looking at them, simply because most of them look like this:

No, it's not a site that inspires the imagination. But it may very well be the best option when all is said and done. (If you look closely, you'll see the bales of hay in the background.)

One other note - I've added all of the photo overviews to the sidebar (right).