30 July 2007

2nd poll results

12 days ago I asked the question, "How would the Piccinini group have been different?" Responses were fewer than the previous poll question, but the results for this one are nevertheless interesting.

  • Downtown Oakland ballpark - 18 (28%)
  • New Coliseum lot ballpark - 10 (15%)
  • Stayed in Coliseum indefinitely - 9 (14%)
  • Moved elsewhere in Bay Area - 11 (17%)
  • Moved out of Bay Area - 15 (23%)
No definitive answer here, and there's no accounting for motivation. Unlike the last poll, I can group the answers. So I did just that, with the first three options thrown into a "Stayed in Oakland" group, the final two a "Left Oakland" group. In doing so, the tally looks like this:

  • Stayed in Oakland - 37 (59%)
  • Left Oakland - 26 (41%)
Some might say that staying in the Coliseum indefinitely wasn't a realistic option, but I wanted to put it out there anyway to gauge interest. "Stayed in Oakland" would've won regardless of the third option's inclusion.

The voting trend during the week proved pivotal. Results were fairly even for the first 4-5 days, but gradually tilted towards "Stayed in Oakland" during midweek.

This week's poll question is pretty simple: "How big should Cisco Field be?"