03 February 2009

This week in Fremont

In an opposing view on the Argus op-ed page, former candidate for Fremont city council Vinnie Bacon takes on Dominic Dutra's piece last week and raises questions about the proposal in the process.

Meanwhile, Bizjournals has word of the A's making Warm Springs their main focus (the decoupled option). I may not have been clear about this before, so I'll say it now: I don't like the Warm Springs concept. Compared to the Pacific Commons plan, it's rushed and poorly conceived. The fact that a specific parcel hasn't been identified and a project level site plan isn't available only feeds into area residents' fears. If, as Lew Wolff says, the A's are trying to earn the residents' support, the effort so far is an epic fail.

This Thursday, the A's are scheduled to have a meeting with 25 members of the Warm Springs community at Weibel Elementary, a school only 1/2 mile from the oft-speculated ballpark site. The fledgling Fremont Citizens Network plans to protest outside the meeting. Could get interesting.