17 February 2009

A's will not attend 2/24 City Council session

Just received word that the A's, who had planned to make a presentation on the Warm Springs Alternative at the February 24 Fremont City Council session, will not make the preso after all. No word as to why yet. Stay tuned.

Update: Matthew Artz checked in with both Lew Wolff and Fremont Mayor Bob Wasserman to get explanations. The reasoning largely centers around MLB COO Bob DuPuy, who was scheduled to make the presentation as well as a morning appearance at the Fremont Marriott. Understand that when it comes to stadium talks, DuPuy is only brought in to either seal the deal or rescue it. With the chaos that has enveloped the A's-to-Fremont effort, DuPuy probably wouldn't be much help.

Questions to ponder in the near term:
  • Is Warm Springs dead?
  • Will the A's go full bore on the now modified Pacific Commons plan?
  • When will the A's next address the council?