28 May 2008

Upcoming ballpark trip

Circumstances have allowed me to move my planned trip to Nationals Park from August to June. Along with DC, I'll be traveling north to take in games at Baltimore's Camden Yards, Philadelphia's Citizens Bank Park, Yankee Stadium, and Fenway Park. If time allows, I'll be heading with some friends to Cooperstown as well. The trip is planned for June 19-29.

Here's the tentative schedule I've planned:
  • June 19: Nationals Park tour; Pirates vs. Orioles @ Camden Yards
  • June 20: Angels vs. Phillies @ Citizens Bank Park
  • June 22: Reds vs. Yankees @ Yankee Stadium
  • June 23: Baseball Hall of Fame
  • June 25: Diamondbacks vs. Red Sox @ Fenway Park + tour
  • June 27: Orioles vs. Nationals @ Nationals Park
I've been to all of the cities before and all of the ballparks except for DC and Philly, but not in a quasi-academic capacity. If possible, I'll try to get inside looks at both the new Yankee Stadium and CitiField. I'm not taking in a game at Shea, I figure once is enough.

Any suggestions for other baseball/sports-related places or events? FWIW I'm trying to cram in the NBA Draft (June 26) into the trip. I went to the 2003 (Lebron James) draft, and it was great pageantry. I'd love to do the NFL draft at some point too.