29 November 2005

360 architecture opens SF office

It only makes sense that Wolff's preferred architecture firm, 360, is opening a location in San Francisco. The office will be devoted to all types of work, not just the ballpark. On a sports-related tangent, if SF Mayor Gavin Newsom ever wanted to get serious again about building an arena in the Mission Bay area or thereabouts, 360 has plenty of experience doing arenas.

If you're interested in a job at 360 architecture, check out the website (Flash-based), go to About Us, then Careers.

One interesting little tidbit: one of the press releases in the Press Room area of the site has a depiction of a ballpark that's not like the concept Wolff presented in August. I'll let you hunt for it.


murf said...

You mean the one that looks like the coliseum minus Mt. Davis?

peanut gallery said...

murf - That was my first thought in looking at that as well. It's also minus most of the foul territory and has a tapered 3rd deck. I'd guess it's one of the preliminary designs that didn't make the final cut. Not sure why they'd use that one in their press release.

Georob said...

Look at the top deck. The number of seating rows diminishes the further away from home plate you go. Only one stadium I know of like that, and that's Royals Stadium in Kansas City, where HOK is based.


Marine Layer said...

I'm writing a new post on this. There's more to it than you think.