07 October 2005

Dellums to run for Oakland mayor.

Former US representative Ron Dellums has announced his candidacy for the Oakland mayoral position at a press conference held at Laney College at noon today. He will be running against the previously mentioned city council president Ignacio De La Fuente, councilmember Nancy Nadel, school board members Greg Hodge and Dan Siegel, Alameda County treasurer Donald White, and Glynn Washington, whose Council for Responsible Public Investment is a sort of CALPERS investment watchdog. Now that the slate has been set, we should soon see what their official public positions are on the Coliseum North project, and on a ballpark in general.

The mayoral election is scheduled for June 2006.


Anonymous said...

so what does this mean for our a's. how does dellums compare to brown? to de la fuente?

jrbh said...

Everyone assumes that the entry of Dellums into the race dooms de la Fuente, and I think that's a reasonable assumption. Seems to me that there are two sides to the Dellums thing.

The upside is that Dellums is a serious, intelligent guy who's used to playing in the big ponds and is comfortable around self-interested sharks like Wolff. Another upside: de la Fuente is perhaps the dumbest man in modern American politics; Dellums is much less likely to get fleeced by Wolff. So to speak.

The downside is that de la Fuente delivers the bacon for his district, and the A's are the biggest slab in Oakland right now. It' not clear that Dellums will have the same commitment as de la Fuente; I'd guess he comes down somewhere between Brown (no interest) and de la Fuente (get-it-done-even-if-we-bust).

bear88 said...

I don't see how Dellums loses this race, but I've been out of the East Bay for a while.

Dellums certainly doesn't seem like the sort of guy to pull out all the stops to get a ballpark built. That's probably just as well.

The real issue is whether he will work with the A's on this, or whether he will take a Brown-esque approach. I don't know the answer to that.

The only thing I feel safe in assuming is that Dellums doesn't want to run for mayor because he cares about whether the A's get a new stadium.

Georob said...

Anyone think this enhances Ron Washington's chances of becoming manager? It would send a strong message to the black community, some of whom vote, most of whom couldn't care less about the A's. (It might even get Joe Morgan to stop saying bad things about us......maybe not)

Now of course, Billy Beane would NEVER use such a criteria to pick a manager, particularly over his buddy Bob Geren. But Washington is going to be hired by someone, and if the A's manager is merely a puppet who'll be gone in three years anyway, why not score some political points to get us a ballpark?

If we can get Dellums on our side, I still think his congressional experience helps us a lot.

Marine Layer said...

It's a little more complicated than simply knowing Dellums's position on the ballpark matter. As I've said elsewhere, my worry about Dellums is that any effort for a ballpark will take a back seat to other more pressing matters, such as existing development projects, the homeless problem, OUSD, and Dellums's own designs on universal health care. It's unclear how a ballpark fits in, and it will take some convincing for him to buy into the idea.

Dellums is a big vision guy, while IDLF is more of a pound-the-pavement guy. It'll be interesting to see how it shakes out. But even if Dellums wins the job, IDLF will still have two years left on his City Council term, which sets up some potential conflict especially if the race turns ugly. Don't discount that IDLF is also part of Don Perata's extended family, so IDLF will have Perata's backing going into the election.

Marine Layer said...

I would think that hiring Wash wouldn't have an effect. Not because hiring Wash isn't a noble idea - because it is, and he's proven himself to boot - but the turnover in the A's managerial position is high. Wash could find himself out of a job before a ballpark project is approved, let alone ground broken. How would it look if Wash were fired or he resigned before all of the details were ironed out? It's not something to rely upon.

jrbh said...

To me, the obvious choice for A's manager has got to be Bud Black: we need someone besides Curt Young who our pitchers can go to, he's experienced and he's been working and learning under the best manager in the AL, Mike Scioscia, and finally, he knows the Angels inside and out, and they're the people we need to beat next year.

jrbh said...

And I forgot to add: he costs the Angels an excellent pitching coach.