17 August 2005

Coliseum North Photo Overview + Wolff development news

The ballpark site photo overview is now available. The file is slightly over 1 MB and is in PDF (Acrobat) form. A permanent link has been created in the sidebar as well. Here's a sample photo:

In tangentially related news, L.A.'s Staples Center (owned by Anschutz Entertainment Group) is getting $10 million in video and seating upgrades. Staples is only five years old, but AEG wants to preserve Staples Center's reputation as the most glamorous, feature-packed arena in the nation. AEG is also developing land near Staples, including the big 1,200-room hotel that it is building with Maritz, Wolff & Co. The hotel is scheduled for groundbreaking in the fall.


Anonymous said...

With the new park slated to be built on the southeast end of the proposed area, it seems to me more likely the new BART station would primarily be for the village occupants rather than the ballpark attendees. At the recent Angels series I got tired of waiting in line on the BART ramp and instead walked out of the parking lot and around to colisem BART. It really is not much of a walk at all to where the new ballpark will be.

Marine Layer said...

I agree, but you have to look at the big picture. Having a BART station within walking distance of the ballpark village really enhances the value of the property. Wolff is funding the ballpark largely by improving, developing, then selling the land. If you want to improve the chances of the project being able to pay off the cost of the ballpark, then getting a BART station is almost paramount to that. Maybe it means that building a BART station comes later on down the road. That shouldn't deemphasize its importance.