10 May 2005

Three more Photo Overviews, and other notes

This time, as promised, I present the photo overviews for:

  • Laney College Athletic Fields - Not feasible nor under consideration due to Peralta Community College District's desired land uses.
  • Howard Terminal - Unlikely because of long-term lease with major shipping company Matson.
  • Uptown - Small sliver of hope for a ballpark that requires much political work done over the last three years to be undone, and new political support to be lined up behind it.

Other notes:

  • The East Bay Business Times put out an editorial in this week's issue that does not support large-scale public financing of a ballpark. It steps back slightly on its position towards the end, urging Oakland and Alameda County political leaders to "weigh the economic benefits of the stadium as an investment."
  • On the sidebar to the right, I've added a new feature called The Scorecard. It's there to keep track of how different media outlets (TV, radio, print) and personalities (columnists, talk show hosts) are positioned on the ballpark issue. For now, it will show indicators for two specific public financing questions, though it is likely to expand. If you see, hear, or read anything that can help fill in the Scorecard, please send it in.