12 May 2005

Coliseum Amtrak station to open 5/25

The grand opening for the Oakland Coliseum Intercity Rail Station just outside the stadium will be May 25, according to the East Bay Business Times. Yes, it will be more expensive than BART, but there is at least one nice thing to it: some of the trains have WiFi and Amtrak expects to roll it out further over time.


Genaro said...

Frankly, it's not even a viable option; a 20 dollar round trip from Great America? You have to be kidding me; they have to figure out a way to make a plan for fans who go to the games or their won't be a real increase in ridership.

Marine Layer said...

Riders can get 10-ride tickets for approximately $60 that will cover 10 one-way trips. There aren't any limits, so 5 people could do a roundtrip on a single ten-ride ticket. That makes it about $12 a roundtrip, which is a little more palatable. BART from Fremont to the Coliseum is $6, but slap $5 for gas back and forth, and it train option becomes more competitive.

Genaro said...

Yeah but it's not an overall cheap plan; five is a nice number but the problem is that if you go any lower then that and the option isn't viable imo.