03 November 2009

As the ball turns

I encourage all of you to head on over to Dodger Divorce, a new blog run by Joshua Fisher dedicated to the messy financial status of the LA Dodgers. It's not salacious. Instead, it gives incredible insight into how a particular ownership group assumed control of one of the major name brand franchises in MLB, and how the whole thing isn't going to end well.

When the McCourts acquired the Dodgers in 2003, much was made about how Frank McCourt wasn't a big-money billionaire, derisively called the "parking lot attendant." The heavy leveraging used to acquire the team would've been fine as long as the family remained status quo. Unfortunately for Mr. McCourt (and John Moores), even the best laid plans go to waste.


Steve McKeever said...

What a soap opera!
Dodger-haters will love this one.

Anonymous said...


At what point does the League Office and the Commissioner are forced to step into this mess?