22 September 2009

Clarification on Kings/Sharks on CSNCA

When the Sharks-CSNCA carriage agreement was announced last week, I fired off an email to CSNCA to ask what would happen in case of scheduling conflicts. Here's the response:
Thank you for your email regarding the Kings and Sharks on Comcast SportsNet California. Your assumption about our telecasts in the Sacramento area are correct. When the Kings and Sharks games overlap we will move the sharks to the Plus Ch. If the Kings game concludes we will then join the Sharks in progress.

In the bay area the Sharks will appear on our main Ch. due to NBA blackout restrictions.

Thank you,

Richard Leeson
Director of Programming
Comcast SportsNet California
A similar arrangement will be needed in the spring when the A's season begins. We're a few months off from any schedule finalization there.


FC said...

Off Topic...

Poor A's draw the Reds and Pirates at home in 2010, while they play the Cubs and Cardinals on the road. Maybe MLB saw the injustice in that, so they have the Yankees and Red Sox coming to the Coliseum twice.

bbison said...

The way MLB rigs the schedule is criminal. The Cubs (huge road draw) have never come to Oakland, but will be visiting Texas again next year.

A 33 team NFL would be messy for scheduling; the current 32 team rotating of opposing divisions is both fair and logical.