03 July 2009

Deadspin takes on the Coli + ESPN team rankings

Tommy Craggs revisits the Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum in yesterday's installment of his weekly series, "Why Your Stadium Sucks." While his observations are at its pithy peak, even he can't surpass the reader-submitted testimonials to the old joint.

ESPN's, which is always looking for filler during the summer months, put together its seventh annual Ultimate Standings survey, which compares every team in all four major North American sports. The A's finished #101 out of 122 teams, plummeting from #85 last year. This year's review was done by Brian Kamenetsky, one half of the solid blogging duo covering the Lakers for the L.A. Times. More rankings:
  • Title Track: 55
  • Ownership: 119
  • Coaching: 110
  • Players: 73
  • Fan Relations: 89
  • Affordability: 17
  • Stadium Experience: 121
  • Bang for the Buck: 84
Team performance seems to have some bearing on the overall ranking. The Marlins went from #99 to #77 by virtue of the fish sitting at the top of the NL East. The Giants also jumped 20 places, from #104 to #84.


Anonymous said...

I blame global warming.

gojohn10 said...

On a related note, The Sporting News ranks the ballparks. Coli is 4th from last.

Anonymous said...

With a new ballpark in MN opening next April and construction in Miami underway the A's can now proudly claim the Colisieum as the second worst ballpark in baseball--WOW!! Can only hope that MLB has its act together and within a year things are moving forward to fix this--