13 February 2009

Examiner interview now up

Last week I did a quick e-mail exchange with the Examiner's Scott Sabatini, who has been following the A's stadium saga for the paper. The exchange has just been published (yes, my full name is in there), with a nod to yesterday's speculative post in there.

Sabatini has been picking up the pace of the A's beat since the beginning of the year. Impressively, he's covered the business beat in equal proportion to the on-field A's. Normally, a paper will have separate reporters to cover the team and the stadium stuff (a city business affair).

Side note: I'm watching the Marlins-Miami commission meeting right now. The city's commissioners will vote today to approve the ballpark. This vote is considered the last major hurdle for the Marlins.


Anonymous said...

Did you link the correct article? This doesn't look like an interview.

Marine Layer said...

Fixed the link. The old link was to the A's front page on the Examiner site.