08 January 2009

KTRB wants to add North Bay/Sac coverage

I received a note this morning from Jim Pappas, KTRB's VP and GM. The station has FCC and FAA approval to construct a new transmitter in Sonoma County. The 50,000-watt facility would seriously augment coverage in the North Bay and Sacramento. By now you've seen the existing coverage map:

The new Sonoma Daytime transmitter map (exclusive of existing transmitter) looks like this:

Much better, right? It is a Daytime transmitter, and Nighttime operation is in the works as well, though it would come later (application with the FCC already on file). For those who believe in miracles, don't expect the transmitter to be ready in time for Opening Day. It's not like building a skyscraper in terms of complexity, but it's still quite tall and requires proper preparation and testing. Maybe before the end of the season. The deal between the A's and KTRB is only for one season, but this gives you an indication of where both parties would like the relationship to go. Both want to be serious Bay Area radio players, and they want to do it together.

This is where you come in. Construction of the transmitter is wholly dependent on approval by Sonoma County's Board of Zoning Adjustments. KTRB is ready to build pending approval. The transmitter has not yet come up for review by the BZA. When it does, KTRB will draft to request fan support. I'll post it here. The board usually meets twice a month, and like the EIR process in Fremont, it is open to public comment. You can go to the meeting at 2550 Ventura Avenue, Santa Rosa, CA, 95403, or send written comments to that address.


Zonis said...

Awesome. So the A's will FINALLY have a real radio presence (especially if KTRB expands their Sports Talk), and if the deal with CSNCA goes through (along with being on Extended Basic), the A's will FINALLY have a real shot at reaching their market.

The A's would have coverage for both Radio and TV in Sacramento, finally.

Rick T. said...

With all due respect, but I've been to enough public hearings to know that most local agencies regard out-of-town folks submitting comments on a proposal to be an annoyance, as they do not live in the area and do not bear any of the consequences of the action.

Frankly, I doubt that this proposal would be opposed by any organized opposition. Perhaps KTRB should reconsider its idea to inundate the Sonoma County Board of Zoning Adjustments with frivilous comments made by people who don't vote in Sonoma County.

Marine Layer said...

I doubt that having support from outside Sonoma County would cause the BZA to recommend against approving the permit. If it does, well that reflects poorly on them. If not, no harm no foul.

Jesse said...

"Both want to be serious Bay Area radio players, and they want to do it together."

I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!

This means that if the A's make a big trade or win a play off series there will be some serious analysis of what happened on the radio. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU LEW WOLFF.