21 November 2008

Measure B with solid lead

Another 8,520 votes have been counted, and the results are:
Yes - 414,308 (66.78%)
No - 206,098 (33.22%)
The margin is now 2,112. Or rather, if 705 additional "No" votes had been registered from the current total, the measure would not pass.

9,800 votes remained to be counted as of Wednesday evening, so this new total may be "final" with a number of ballots thrown out. Opponents have indicated they may demand a recount, one that they would have to pay for.


Tony D. said...

YEAH BABY! Finally something to cheer about in San Jose. Now, if somehow Cisco Field could be built adjacent to the Warm Springs BART station, "our" ballpark will only be 4-5 BART stations away from downtown San Jose! No shuttles or buses to Pac Commons necessary. For the future resident of DSJ, it will be like living in mid-town Manhattan (minus the skyscrapers) and taking the subway out to Yankee Stadium.

LeAndre said...

San Francisco is much more accurate to Manhattan than San Jose, which would make Oakland, Brooklyn...San Jose is more like Queens or something...either or I've always thought the Bay Area is much more similar to NYC than any other region in the US, we should be considered the New York on the West Coast, not LA...