02 October 2008

Tarps and wires and catwalks, oh my

You may notice that, on some of the wide shots of Tropicana Field during the Rays-Pale Hose series, there are tarps on the uppermost seats along the first and third base lines. This is despite the fact that this is the Rays' first ever postseason adventure. Local opinion has largely been for removing the tarps, which would add 6,000 seats to the Trop's current 36,048. The team's position on the matter is that should they reach the World Series, then and only then would the tarps be removed to expose the nosebleeds.


Anonymous said...

It is a wise business strategy. The whole point is, buy season tickets so you don't get shut out of big games. Otherwise, why buy season tickets for MLB?

Even now, folks buying a season ticket package for next years season can get Rays playoff tix for this year (and be guaranteed tickets for next year as well, if the Rays make it again). Until and unless the Rays get to about 30,000 or so season ticket holders for next year (and since they started at about 10,000, this is unlikely), taking off the tarps would be a dumb business move.

The Rays are projecting the equivalent of 5,000 extra full season ticket packages sold for next year as a result of this strategy. So think about it: 6,000 extra tickets for cheap nosebleed seats for maybe only two or three games, versus 5,000 ticket packages in all price categories times 81 games. Now add in the difference in concession revenue.

It's a no brainer.

Anonymous said...

Sounds exactly like the A's in 2006 with a simular capacity...hmmmm

Jeffrey said...

off topic... anyone seen any polls commissioned on Fremont Mayoral race?

Anonymous said...

Oh my god! The Rays owner must hate the city and be a carpet-bagger who wants to move to Vegas!

Jesse said...

I emailed Matthew Artz and he explained that polls are really expensive and that even if there were polls done, the candidates might not want to release that information.