05 March 2008

How non-binding is non-binding anyway?

The Santa Clara City Council approved adding a plebiscite on the 49ers' stadium proposal to the November ballot. However, the vote is non-binding, as in the City Council doesn't have to base its decision on the results of the vote. Even with that,
"I will follow the vote of the people, and that is binding," said Mayor Patricia Mahan.
Such statements are cold comfort for stadium opponents. Even so, the City and the team have to agree to a deal before the proposal ends up on the ballot. I doubt that they won't come to some kind of agreement, so expect the period from July to November to be an all-out PR blitz on the citizens of Santa Clara.

Because of the non-binding nature of the vote, I'm moving my opinion of the 49ers stadium project, which was previously a 50-50 shot, to 60% likely.