11 February 2008

Maybe we really live in Missouri

The Silicon Valley/San Jose Business Journal has a piece this week covering the A's strategy of selling season tickets at the Coliseum in order for fans to secure rights at Cisco Field. Skepticism abounds, as this excerpt illustrates:

While longtime season-ticket holders have some discretion over choice of seating, those with the most fan capital often choose seats in the immediate infield behind first base, says Aaron Dragomir, an inside sales supervisor for the A's.

Still, some potential South Bay seat holders are skeptical and "want to see a shovel in the ground" in Fremont before they'll commit to buying tickets in Oakland, Dragomir says.

"We have a big contingent of fans who are literally waiting for us to break ground," he says.

A's fans from all over the Bay Area and twice-stilted South Bay baseball aficionados remember recent history all too well, which explains public reticence about the ballpark. Sounds good but show me, is what they're saying. And they're absolutely right.


anthony dominguez said...

Is Missouri a part of the Giants territory? Anyhow, it must be that melancholy "the A's should be relocating to downtown San Jose" time of the month again. Saturday I watched a segment on HD Theater titled "Discovering Denver." What Coors Field did for the LoDo (Lower Downtown) District is simply amazing! Once a blighted, forbidden section of abandoned wharehouses, LoDo is now the place to be in Denver: Restaurants, bars, brew pubs, high-end shops, art galleries, condos, lofts...and of course, a gem of a ballpark. It's what every downtown San Jose advocate dreams of. But as we all know, an empty field in southern Fremont will one day have all of this "LoDo" glory. And downtown San Jose...
As for this piece from the Biz Journal, even my hard-core Giants co-workers admit that the A's moving to Fremont will attract a lot of fans and interest from San Jose/Silicon Valley. Yes, we are waiting and ready to pack Cisco Field 81 times per year. Just start building the ballpark already, and we will come!

FC said...

Just curious as to what kinds of promises are being made to these corporations in SV. Aside from trying to sell them suites, what other seats are the A's trying to market? I know for a fact that there are very few, if any MVP seats currently available between first and third base.

Certainly hope the A's don't uproot their current STHs just to accomodate their new corporate clients. As a current STH, I'll be pissed.

James said...

Not to steer the topic elsewhere, but the Argus reported this morning that the BART Warm Springs extension funding shorfall has been significantly reduced and that construction could begin early next year. The first phase will be to construct the tunnel under Central Park. ML, do you know how long construction is expected to take?

Sorry I don't know how to post a hyperlink on this site (maybe ML can fix it before the final post). The story can be found here:

Marine Layer said...

That's excellent news, James! I'll include this in the next post.

If they start construction next year, they could be done by 2013. The tunnel under Lake Elizabeth is the major piece. The other major construction is the Washington/Paseo Padre grade separation project, which is already underway and is separately funded.

WS Denizen said...

Count me as one who is waiting for the reality to become a reality before I look at purchasing season tickets. I have to believe I am not the only one.