14 December 2007

All quiet on the Fremont front

Apologies for not having a post in the past couple weeks, everyone. Honestly, not much has happened with the A's regarding the stadium matters. The environmental consultant was approved as part of a consent vote with other items on 11/27. The city council session still ran 4+ hours, most of it devoted to a single agenda item: a development at I-680 and Auto Mall/Durham called Sabercat Center. The project faced vigorous opposition from residents of the Mission San Jose neighborhood, many of whom have homes a stone's throw away from the project site. Despite the seemingly endless stream of residents opposed to Sabercat Center, the council approved the project 4-1 anyway. Is that foreshadowing for Cisco Field? Probably not, because the two main criticisms of Sabercat Center were its vertical orientation (far different from the SFR's that dominate the area) and its location literally on top of the Hayward fault. Immediate NIMBY concerns don't really affect Cisco Field as it's across I-880 from any nearby residence. It's also a good two miles from the Hayward fault, slightly less than the distance from the Coliseum to the same fault. In any case, nothing's happening until after the New Year.

The holidays haven't halted everyone's work.
Oh yeah, some report was released as well. Which leads to the self-explanatory new poll item on the right.


Zonis said...

Wait? The Miami plan requires the Marlins to spend money?

Not going to happen.

Anonymous said...

The Miami plan does not require a public vote. The city commission already approved it on Thursday and it will be the County Commission's turn on Tuesday. The revenue streams being tapped by the city and county do not require a public vote.

Also, Marlins president David Samson already said the team is behind the plan 100% and they can come up with the money.

Transic said...

Update today on the Miami plan:

Ballpark meter!