04 May 2007

Ballpark Village Progress Report - Tuesday, 5/8

From the Fremont City Clerk's office (I used bold for emphasis):
Subject: Ballpark Village Project Progress Report




This is to advise you that an agenda item has been scheduled for the regular City Council meeting of Tuesday, May 8, 2007, to hear a progress report from Oakland A's owner Lew Wolff on the Ballpark Village Project. The City Council meeting begins at 7:00 p.m.

The meeting will be held in the City Council Chambers located at 3300 Capitol Avenue, Building A, Fremont, California.

If you have any questions regarding this agenda item, please contact Economic Development Director Daren Fields at (510) 284-4020 or at


Dawn G. Abrahamson
City Clerk

Office of the City Clerk
See y'all there. For those of you who won't be there, check out the webcast.


Anonymous said...

what timing!

Jonclaude4 said...

Online via the web again?

Marine Layer said...

Unless otherwise stated, yes.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps it should be titled "Ballpark Village LACK OF progress report." Seriously, should we expect some earth shattering news from this progress report, or are we going to hear the same ole fluff rhetoric. When our we going to get our damn ballpark!??

Anonymous said...

Interesting note, I read Chris DeBendetti asked him on Friday if he had made any recent progress with Scott Specialty Gases and he said "No". Very interesting

Anonymous said...

Scamper on back to OAFC now, "Jesse"...

Lol, thing is, you have to understand - we are dealing with a three to five year process. So the fact that there has not been any "recent" progress with Scott Specialty Gases is of little concern at this point.

Keep grasping at straws though, they provide good comic relief.

Anonymous said...

Looking at the newest drawings , they've filled in the closed off street ( Bunche Drive - aka the A's version of Boston's Yawkey Way which is closed for their games ) below the left field bleachers with people and shops- a great idea. Just having the retail plaza of the " Village " as an extension of the centerfield area behind the scoreboard as shown on the early plans is a missed opportunity, imo. The beauty of the site is the glorious afternoon sun and views of sunset over the coast ranges across the nearby bay . The way the plaza is currently aligned, it will be dark and in shadows that time of day ..duhhh. Better to have two axis - second one perpendicular towards corner of Boscell /Bunche lined also with stores and restaurants so that people will gravitate towards that corner and serve as a welcome zone for the many who will approach the park from using prefered Cushing Pkwy, not AutoMall Pkwy to appease all the big stores / car dealers on the latter street. I would also light brightly and festively the under side of the bleachers and fill wih vendors/ TV monitors so it becomes a gathering area when drizzly/cooler weather reduces foot traffic on the open plaza.