30 March 2007

Splash hits in HD

The Giants unveiled their new scoreboard/video board just in time for the start of the season, and even on video it looks impressive. The new board is the centerpiece of several tweaks to AT&T Park, including the new ultra-premium Lexus Dugout Club. The new club has 108 padded seats with extra leg room and a dozen 17-inch LCD screens lining the backstop.

At 31' high x 103' long, the board is
four times the size of one of the current Diamond Vision boards at the Coliseum. Combine the Coliseum's two video board and monochrome scoreboard sets, and you get about the same amount of display space. Boy has technology changed to make that display space more dramatic!

The lineup and defensive displays are decent, along with the designated video space above the line score. The line score itself looks quite small though I'm sure it's quite legible. I'll have to check it out in person to know for sure. The sponsorship nods on the lower corners are well-sized and out of the way. There are parts of the display that look a bit contrasty, so I imagine that colors and fonts will undergo tweaks to find a happy medium. I'd prefer to see a screen or two that looks like the front and back of a baseball card, if only for nostalgia's sake. There should be a sponsorship available from Upper Deck or Topps if someone works the phones.
Update 12:00 AM: As I expected, there were complaints about the legibility of certain display items, such as statistics in the lineup. The tweaks may come early.


Anonymous said...

For supposedly being strapped by their annual $20 million debt payments, the Giants appear to be splurging quite nicely: signing Bonds, Zito, last years ribbon fascia board, and this years HD video screen. Where in the hell are the G's getting all this cash? And when and the hell are we getting our new ballpark? By the way, nice video screen.

Jeff P. said...

You're right. A lot has been made of how poor the Giants are with their debt load. It doesn't appear to be much of a factor as far as their business decisions go. There may be some truth to the rub that after this year, all bets are off. Bonds will be done as a Giant, the team is ancient, and the farm is bare. Maybe that bill will come due....and then again, maybe not. I suspect their revenue exceeds what most would expect it to be.

I suppose this bodes well for the A's in Fremont.

Anonymous said...

Hey all!,
Noticed during Sundays game against the G's that the A's backstop is plastered with "SUN Microsystems" advertisements. Let the marketing of South Bay corporations begin!!

Anonymous said...

they already had sun microsystems stuff for the last year or two.

Anonymous said...

blah were talking stuff at the giants stadium.

boring. slow news day.

cant wait till the home opener.