14 December 2006

Fremont-A's negotiations begin in earnest

The Merc's Lisa Fernandez reports that the first of probably many biweekly meetings involving the A's and the City of Fremont was held this morning at Fremont's City Hall. City Manager Fred Diaz said little about the substance of the meetings, describing this first session as an "icebreaker."
There was also no discussion of a Nov. 21 A's letter to Fremont in which team officials offered the possibility of Fremont one day owning the land and stadium, which many see would be a tax break for the team.
This is the first article I've seen that acknowledges the tax break option that the A's are proposing.


Mithrandir said...

There was no discussion of the letter? The letter's intent was to set-up meetings like the one that took place this morning. Perhaps that one item in the letter, which included many wasn't discussed, but it was the first get-to-know you meeting. I wouldn't expect them to cover every possibly contingency in the very first discussion. What a sloppy bit of writing.

Anonymous said...

traffic, traffic, traffic ...