31 October 2006

Meet the new flagship, KIFR

The A's announced that CBS station KIFR-106.9 (Free FM) will be the FM flagship starting next season. Many had been rooting for this move for a while, especially because around this time last year KIFR boosted its signal from a paltry 3 kW to 80 kW. Before you start running around claiming the A's are torching the blowtorch, keep in mind that AM signal properties are better for night coverage and KNBR's status as a clear channel station puts it in an enviable position regardless of signal strength.

Still, this is a huge improvement since KIFR's North Bay reach will be much better than what was coming out of the two Peninsula-based stations, KYCY-1550 and KNTS-1220. It remains to be seen how much CBS will stick with the youth-oriented format. Does this set the stage for a change to sports talk? Or youth-geared sports talk? Hopefully KIFR will be a better promotional vehicle than the A's have had on radio the last few years.

There's one nice little side benefit to having an FM station - Comcast digital cable carries it. Except, inexplicably, KIFR. At least that's the case in the South Bay.


swirlinabc said...

That's great for the "Bay Area" but what about us poor folks in Stockton? I just tried dialing in to 106.9 and got no signal. With a increasingly burgeoning Bay Area demographic, as well as the home of the A's class A affiliate Ports, I can't help but feeling left out in the cold. We have KESP 970 in Modesto, but the signal in Stockton is unbearable, particularly at night. In addition, once August rolls around, Friday nights are devoted to high school football, and Sundays are devoted to the 49'ers. Can't someone please, please raise a voice for San Joaquin County?

Jeff said...

Any insights as to why the A's were able to land a much better radio deal this year? They go from 2 patchwork stations to an 80kw FM station. Seems to be quite an upgrade. Another interesting tidbit ties in with the length of the contract.

Anonymous said...

It's called "making an effort" and probably has something to do with the lack of progress in Fairyland/Fremont