24 April 2006

News: Keep the A's in Oakland blog, Twins move forward, Fremont

drummer510 has started up a blog called "Keep the A's in Oakland." It's an outreach-type blog that encourages like-minded folks to call and write Oakland pols and educate the public on what's possible in Oakland. I've given the author a few pieces of info to get him going, including my mock-up of the Broadway Auto Row site.
The Twins appear to be in the home stretch of their political process to get a new open air ballpark approved. About three-fourths of the funding would come from a 0.15% sales tax hike in Hennepin County (Minneapolis, not St. Paul).
A new article in the East Bay Business Times covers Fremont's vision for transformation, including the ballpark village concept and a new "downtown" area.


Georob said...

Great site, drummer! But re-do your color scheme. You've got black text on top of dark green, and white text on top of bright yellow, OUCH.

I really think the transit issue is going to prove to be a bigger stumbling block for Fremont the further we go along. This needs to be addressed sooner rather than later if Fremont's going to succeed. Of course, that will just encourage the San Jose folks all the more.

And I'm so glad you mention Contra Costa County. CoCo has been the Sleeping Giant(or Sleeping Athletic, sorry) throughout this entire discussion period. As a former resident of both Concord and Walnut Creek, I know full well what Central Contra Costa contributes to the economy of the East Bay, and I question how much of that fan base the A's will hold if they move even to Fremont.

To start with, the area is serviced by SIX BART Stations(seven if you count Bay Pointe), you have many corporate and administrative HQ's there, and strong demographics to boot. Additionally, Walnut Creek, Alamo and Danville have historically been where many A's have chosen to live and be part of the community(Tony La Russa still does and is very active in the off season)

And frankly, if the land was available, I think a place like Walnut Creek would be an outstanding place for a stadium. (And if legendary CoCo Times publisher Dean Lesher were around today, he'd have made it happen)

But the reality is that ANY South Bay move jeopardizes the A's support in this very lucrative(and yes, WEALTHY) part of the East Bay

Kevin said...


I've probably asked this question before, but what the heck, I'll ask it again.

Though it appears Fremont is quickly moving forward with their ballpark plan, I'm sure Wolff still has one eye on San Jose. How do you see this whole Fremont/San Jose/territorial rights thing playing out? Do you think Wolff will ever petition MLB? If so, at what point does he do it? If he hopes to be true to his word, a lot has to happen in the next 6 months.

peanut gallery said...

Rob, for that area to be better in terms of transportation, one of those six BART stations needs a huge empty lot right next to it or it's the same situation Fremont faces. Plus, it would be even further from the center of the area. Once you move over the East Bay hills, evening traffic is a nightmare.

So unless one of those BART stations has available land next door (and I don't know if they do or don't, just saying), that would be worse than Fremont. Summer evenings would sure be nice out there though.