23 January 2006

Vegas deadline is real

As mentioned in my post on the Vegas situation, Sin City Mayor Oscar Goodman has set a 12-month window in which 18 acres of Union Park development will be available for a sports facility. Goodman clearly wants a MLB team to relocate to Vegas, but this deadline makes it awfully inconvenient for MLB and other sports who want to use Vegas as a pawn in negotiations with other cities. Would a team suddenly announce a relocation in only a year? It doesn't sound likely given the often glacial pace of venue negotiations.


Anonymous said...

Would a team suddenly announce a relocation in only a year?

A's, no way. Twins, highly unlikely. Marlins? Possibly. They have after all already nuked their '06 ticket base for roster reasons, so have little left to lose.

Georob said...

I'm guessing that Mayor Goodman is hoping that there's a team out there(probably the Marlins) that is close to a decision and just needs a push. After that, you've got the Twins situation, ours, contraction on the table for a few months, plus the unlikely, yet possible chance of civil war between Arte Moreno and the City of Anaheim.

Enough for the mayor to take a gamble? To paraphrase the late Claude Rains: "I am shocked, SHOCKED to see GAMBLING in such a fine city as Las Vegas!"

Anonymous said...

BASEBALL STADIUM??? hmmm that would make lots of sense