12 January 2006

SJ's Grand Prix Subsidy

In the midst of the chaos at San Jose City Hall, the City Council approved a $4 million subsidy for the San Jose Grand Prix. For those of you wondering how this was done, the explanation is quite simple. It was a backroom deal. Even with the mayor's censure and removal from four important committees, it would appear as though it was business as usual. The $4 million being granted to race organizers does not require a vote, as a stadium would, because it's for operational costs, not money being spent on venue development.


tony d. said...

Hey R.M.,
For all those citizens in SJ crying over the $4 million GP subsidy ("we need the money for cleaner streets, parks, etc,etc."), I have a suggetion...San Jose should just cease spending money on anything "entertainment" related. Let's get rid of everything, the GP, all our summer festivals, parades, Xmas in the park...while were at it, we'll implode the Shark Tank to make way for a street sweaper yard. It's the "small town" thinking by many SJ citizens R.M. that's keeping our city from reaching its full potential. And by the way, the $4 million will be a drop in the bucket compared to the revenue made (and national exposure)over the GP weekend. Just needed to vent...have a good one!

Anonymous said...

This post, like the city council at large, misses the point. The issue is not about spending $4 million, it's about the process.

tony d. said...

You know, I'll be totally honest...I completely agree with you, the process does stink. My issue comes primarily from those who decry using any city funds on entertainment/cultural events. Have a great day!