04 November 2005

Radio news

Reports from both the Oakland Tribune and Contra Costa Times indicate that no decisions on the A's broadcast team will be made until after Thanksgiving. Negotiations will start on a new contract for long-time broadcaster Ken Korach, who would presumably fill the late Bill King's #1 spot. I remember King also holding a "Director of Broadcasting" title at one time, and I wonder if Korach will be gunning for that as well (I need to check a recent media guide). Hank Greenwald is officially re-retired, and he may help his son Doug move from the Fresno Grizzlies' booth to Oakland. Other local notable candidates include Steve Bitker (KCBS and part-time radio with the A's), Ted Robinson (Stanford football, recently of the Mets and Giants) and Roxy Bernstein (Cal sports, Florida Marlins). A decision regarding the makeup of the TV booth should be made in the same timeframe.


jrbh said...

Boy am I going to be pissed if they lose Korach.

Oaktown Girl said...

I like Roxy Bernstein. He does a great job with Cal basketball, and everything else I've heard him do.

Oaktown Girl