11 November 2005

Chron confirms View level policy

The Chronicle's A's beat writer Susan Slusser confirmed the drop of View level season tickets, exactly for the reasons I cited in Tuesday's post. What was not clarified was the status of the View level for single game tickets, to which A's VP of marketing David Alioto said, "It would be premature to talk about it."

It was revealed that "Double Play Wednesdays" would still remain in effect for 2006, though it's unclear what that means. Is that for tickets? Hot dogs? A possible BART fare discount?

Ironically, the closing of the View level probably wouldn't be necessary if the 1995 improvements hadn't taken place, because the Coliseum would still have only two concourses (instead of 2 1/2) and few of the staffing issues they currently face.

Here's an idea that might work: tarp the first 2-3 rows of the View level. It would ease circulation since the patrons walking along the aisle at the front of the deck won't have to compete for space with fans in seats, who already have a miserable experience because they're constantly getting their view blocked by the walking patrons. That should cut some 1200-1800 seats out of the total, contributing to ticket scarcity and enhancing the View level experience. View level regulars know that the best view comes above the vomitory (access tunnel), though that changed when the place was rebuilt. Get above the 4th row and you're usually okay.