04 August 2005

Wolff Interview on Athletics Nation

Lew Wolff sat down with Tyler Bleszinski of the Athletics Nation blog to discuss Wolff's first few months as an owner, and to talk stadiums. Wolff gave more details, but I'm not going to recap them here. It's best that you see for yourself.


Chris said...

Great article on the development around Petco Park

The construction activity around the ballpark and other parts of Downtown blows away anything the most ardent supporters of the ballpark ever dreamed about when the project was first proposed in 1998, says Hall, 62.

“Back then, the East Village was the worst place in the entire city, not just Downtown,” he said. “It’s gone from worst place to first place. We knew it would be a great catalyst, much like Horton Plaza when it opened up, but the spill-off effects have exceeded what we planned for and what we hoped for.”

While Hall is proud of his role in the $2 billion development explosion around Petco, he’s quick to say it was his good fortune to be on the job when the project was conceived and launched.