07 August 2005

PSL's: A Cautionary Tale

Not to beat a dead horse regarding seat licenses, but a new article from the Trib shows that there continues to be much that can be learned from the Raiders' PSL woes. The Giants' charter seat program, while successful, does not lack nuggets of wisdom either. The main lesson is, "Provide value above and beyond a seat." There is a wide ranging array of perks available for potential seat license investors at a new ballpark. Some ideas that may or may not prove effective as incentives:
  1. Expanded preferred ticket-buying opportunities, especially for high-demand games (Giants/Red Sox/Yankees).
  2. Greater access to players/staff/management through open houses, fan forums, or planned social events.
  3. Access/admission to club facilities several hours before/after games. May also include post-7th inning alcohol sales.
  4. Discounts on renting ballpark facilities (clubs, meeting rooms, tours).
  5. Food, beverage, and parking vouchers for low-demand games (er, Tampa Bay/Kansas City).
  6. Liberal renewal terms (dropping out for one year in season ticket purchases does not result in significant drop in preferred seating location - may be subject to demand).
  7. Extra swag available on promotional giveaway days.
Putting a winning team obviously has an effect on season ticket/seat license sales as well, but as seen in the Raiders' 2001-02 season, winning offers few attendance guarantees. Wolff has said the area is not keen on seat licenses, but I'm still skeptical on the idea that they won't be offered.


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