12 August 2005

Media reports

The reports are starting to file in. Here is the first batch:

Also, a larger picture:

Now that it's bigger, it can clear up some confusion on my part.
The red-purple oval on the left is a large plaza with a fountain in the middle of it. Coliseum Way runs through the plaza and becomes a frontage road along 880.
  • In the upper-right is what looks like a BART platform and supporting structures (stairs, escalators).
  • It could either be a street or a pedestrian mall on the north end, leading from the BART platform west. A piazza of sorts is between the street/pedestrian mall and the red oval.
  • The green building just outside the third base grandstand looks like a public building - perhaps a museum or community center.


Anonymous said...

Do u think that adding a BART station is more financially feasible since they can simply just add a platform to the already existing track from the Fruitvale staion to the Coliseum station?

Marine Layer said...

It probably will be the best permanent (non-shuttle bus) option in the end. BART already owns the land. No parking needs to be built because it's all in the plan already. The only things that need to be built are the platform and maybe a transit hub to handle multiple AC Transit bus routes. It is not cheap, however.

Anonymous said...

Is the station going to be the responsibility of the city to pay for? What about additional roads etc.?

Marine Layer said...

Wolff may ask for redevelopment money to be raised to fund the new BART station. So yes, it would be funded by the city, but none of it would go to Wolff, at least not directly.

These types of projects often require other infrastructure to built, like roads, improved utilities, and streetscaping. Redevelopment would be the way to go to fund that as well. The question is whether there are enogh projected revenues to pay off the bonds that would be required to fund all of these improvements.

Kenny said...

So assuming this new ballpark will be built, will current Coliseum parking be used for the new yard?

Marine Layer said...

Probably. The parking east of the tracks along San Leandro St won't be nearly enough for the existing fanbase. They'll need to use some of the Coliseum North lots (A & D). One benefit for the A's and the Coliseum is that they can implement a tiered pricing structure for parking. It's a similar walk to the ballpark that Giants fans take coming from the lots outside SBC. Hopefully tailgating will still be encouraged.