14 June 2005

Newhouse throws his support behind the Estuary

Trib columnist Dave Newhouse checked out the Estuary and came away with dreams of Chavez splash hits. He recaps the situation, though the mention of the freeway being "farther away than at the Coliseum" is a bit puzzling.

Newhouse is right about it being a 15-minute walk from Lake Merritt BART, and while Newhouse thought De La Fuente joked about putting in a trolley system, BART and Oakland did a feasibility study for Jack London Square at the end of last year. BART was ruled out because of the expense, and the alternative that emerged as the favorite was in fact, a trolley/streetcar. No option has a route that runs to Oak-to-9th, but with the influx of residents, jobs, and tourists that would come with a new development there, it would make sense to include it in the final plan.