30 July 2009

49ers Draft EIR released

The Merc's Mike Swift has a brief summary of the report, just released by the City of Santa Clara. Matier and Ross add a bit of snark. I'm going to spend the weekend poring over the details, so don't expect much until Monday. Links to the report and related appendices can be found at the City's DEIR page.

A note about discussing the EIR: Please refrain from commenting on the press reports, which are very limited right now. Start by reading the Summary section of the report, which runs 20 pages. From there you can tackle specific topics however you please.


Anonymous said...

My bookmarks must be corrupted . When I chose " New A's Ballpark " , I keep getting redirected to this 49er's stadium blog .

Sgt. York said...

Hey, anon, haven't you heard?
The A's, Raiders, and Warriors will also be playing in the 49ers' shiny new billion dollar sports palace. Maybe the Sharks, too.

Anonymous said...

Yeah anon it's dumb how more stuff is posted about other teams than the A's. Yeah it's stadium related, but we want news on the a's situation.

Anonymous said...

An interesting article which makes the point why every A's fan, regardless of where they reside, should be rooting for an A's yard in San Jose.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, that ML. Why isn't he reporting all the news on the A's stadium? So what if there isn't any. He should just make some up. He should also know that we're all too dumb to analyze and discuss more than one local new stadium at a time. Even if many of the issues are related to the A's or could be an indicator of how things might play out with the A's. It's all too much and makes my head hurt. Stop it, ML!!!111!!

Knute Rockne. said...

You guys are really something!

The Bay Area's most wildly successful franchise over the last 14 years (136-70, .660 W%, three bowl titles, eight western division titles. and four bowl appearances in seven years) has just had its league fold out from under it, and all you can do is complain that there's not enough basball on this blog!

Just last night, ML was spotted at the ballpark, sitting to the right of home plate, drinking beer and eating a churro, watching the home team slug three HRs on its way to a 5-3 victory over the visiting visitors. Isn't this enough hard-core baseball devotion for you?

Now let's talk about the illustious SaberCats, who had the best record in pro football during the years that they played. Maybe someone here can start a nostalgia blog.

Or maybe Lew Wolff or the Yorks or Meg Whitman or Steve Jobs can buy the team and start a new league.

Or something.

daveinsm said...

you must love Notre Dame football :)

Pork chops and applesauce said...

Knute Rockne, you must have left the game early. The A's won 7-5.

Knute Rockne said...

Pork chops, you have the wrong game. ML was watching the team that has produced Tim Lincecum and Pablo Sandoval. He knows better than to fight I-880 traffic to go to a tarped-off football stadium where fans get tased.