27 March 2009

Get nervous satellite users

The Merc's John Ryan has an update on the DirecTV-CSNCA stalemate: No news is not good gnus. It's not an unfamiliar tale, as illustrated by the previously mentioned KJZZ-DirecTV tussle. Dish Network is also in the same situation. Sadly, the broadcasters and the distributors often have seen fit to turn these situations in long, draw out staring contests, pissing off customers in the process. Earlier this week, Ryan reported that Comcast may stop carrying the NFL Network after May 1. That's not such a big deal during the offseason, but as the young network continues to expand its game offerings, tensions will heat up.

Bring on a la carte programming, I say!


Anonymous said...


Not sure if I should've posted this on the previous thread, but I just came across this little blurb from the A's website regarding LW's public statement about his wishes to move to San Jose...

"We believe the A's should stay in Oakland," Chai said. "We believe there are a number of different options that have not been pursued. These are economically very different times [than when Oakland could not find a satisfactory site for the A's in 2006]."

Wolff issued a statement earlier this month saying that he is not interested in reopening discussions for a new ballpark with Oakland city officials. Last week he said that he didn't intend to insult the city, but was "mostly trying to make sure we didn't raise expectations."

Wolff said on Thursday that he is willing to look at new stadium sites in Oakland, but that the earlier search had been exhaustive."

Andy said...

John Ryan must be completely naive.

"The team has moved to Sacramento-based Comcast SportsNet California from its former time-share on CSN Bay Area and Channel 36. That's great news for Comcast Cable subscribers . . .
But, more than a month after we first reported on this issue, there's still no agreement with DirecTV to carry the games. Also, contrary to earlier indications, it appears there's no agreement with Dish Network either.

In this case there would be plenty of blame to go around, so it's foolish to even hazard a judgment on who's right. But in purely pragmatic terms, the only way to be sure of seeing the opener April 6 is to have Comcast Cable."

Bolding mine.

Does he really think that it's completely coincidental that Comcast subscribers are the only ones who, right now, can get these games, which are on a Comcast station?

What gets me is that CSNCA and CSNBA are already carried on DirecTV and Dish Network. This argument is over only the A's games. How is it that Comcast is allowed to shake down their direct competitors for specific programming? I can understand how negotiations can get snarled over carrying the channel itself, but as I said that's already happening.

Andy said...

Any comments on the latest battle between Comcast and Dish Network?