09 February 2009

A's games on Sacramento's KTKZ-AM 1380

Good news for A's fans in Sactown. Talk station KTKZ will carry 127 games this season (no it's not 162 but it's an improvement nonetheless). KTKZ is a 5,000-watt, Class B station, so its reach is not that of a blowtorch. Still, it should cover the Sacramento market reasonably well at the very least (day/night coverage maps). I'll throw this out to Sac readers: Can you get KTKZ, and how well does it come in?


Rich H. said...

I live in Natomas (where I-5 and I-80 cross) and it comes in just fine day and night.

Steve S said...

I live in Folsom and 1380 comes in perfect.

Georob said...

I may be totally off here, but I'm wondering if a combination of shifting political winds and the economy have affected the market for "second tier" conservative talk shows like Michael Savage and Glenn Beck. If so, this may have given the A's an opportunity at places like KTRB and KTKZ.

As for the ballpark, I'm very anxious to see what Lew Wolff has to say about San Jose. Up until this point, only Scott Haggerty has said anything of note, while Wolff and Selig have been curiously silent.

I still think this is the beginning of a long journey which will wind it's way through Oakland, Portland, Vegas, San Antonio, and even contraction talk before Tony finally gets his "San Jose A's" (My money's still on "Silicon Valley") All I can say is kudos to SJ for getting the EIR done. Let's just hope you can keep it far away from a ballot box.

I can't wait to hear your interview. As for the Fremont threads, I can't even read them any more, they're so ugly.

Anonymous said...

Now that the radio situation is pretty well in place, any news on what's going on with the television contracts? Will the team still be on Comcast SportsNet Bay Area or California?

Anonymous said...

About TV, I swear, one day last week, on the A's website, if you looked at the schedule by month, it listed the TV games. They were all on Comcast CA, with a few on Comcast CA Plus. I counted the games, and there were about 150 on the TV schedule, including many weekday afternoon games (but not all of them).

Then, the next day, the TV listings were gone - and they haven't reappeared since.

Anonymous said...

Orignally from Oakland....1380 comes in well in Davis.