10 January 2008

City Council Meeting 1/15 - EIR

And now the fun begins.

Next Tuesday @ 6:00 p.m. (note the time change), the Fremont City Council will have a session to discuss, among other things, the enviromental impact report. Not sure if it's a general Q&A thing, or for comments to the site plan. Regardless, it's the first of many sessions that will help shape the final plan.

Meeting agenda
(only live during session)


Anonymous said...

Hello ML,

I was looking at the schedule for Council Meetings and I noticed that they have 1 "work session" scheduled for each month. Are those sessions dedicated to the Village related items?

Marine Layer said...

Good catch on that. I saw that too on the last page when I read the agenda. It's a little premature to suggest that those would be dedicated to the development. In the past I've actually been corrected in this regard. It would be best to wait until we got confirmation for each work session. They may even scheduling additional meetings outside the schedule if they choose.

Jeffrey said...

Did anyone go? How was this meeting?

FC said...

Didn't attend the meeting, but here's the link to the webcast.