08 November 2007

Updated: Development app submitted

The A's have a new press release trumpeting the submission of the development application to the city of Fremont. In the release are several interesting nuggets:
  • On May 10, Wolff announced the completion of a land transaction agreement with Cisco Systems and ProLogis, giving the A's ownership group control of 226 acres of land in the City of Fremont and enabling the project to move forward.
  • A total of approximately 540,000 square feet of high-quality retail/residential mixed use is also planned for the project, with a significant portion of the retail area serving as a regional lifestyle center and neighborhood retail in a "Main Street USA" environment adjacent to the ballpark.
  • The estimated cost of the village project is approximately $1.8 billion. The project will be primarily financed by a combination of private equity and real estate development proceeds generated by the ballpark and the surrounding village.
I'll be cozying up with the Community Specific Plan (warning! large - 30 MB - download) this evening.

To answer a question from a commenter: No, this is not a done deal. This is only the first official step. 12-18 months will be required to vet the proposal. Groundbreaking would occur sometime after approval and certification of the plan.

Some quick observations:

  • The Scott Specialty Gas parcel is not included in the site plan. Is this merely a preliminary vision that will change when the site is acquired, or is it that the two parties can't come to an agreement?
  • The interim plan shows over 11,000 parking spaces. The final, depending on buildout, is slightly less than 11,000 spaces.
  • As expected, shuttle buses are prevalent. Not expected - the possible use of open-air trams (6.32).
  • The appendices have diagrams showing traffic flow for games based on initial and final buildout as well as shuttle routes.

More to come.


Anonymous said...

Does this mean that Cisco Field is officially a done deal? When can I purchase my season tickets?

anthony dominguez said...

Thus the beginning of the end for my dream of Major League Baseball in Downtown San Jose. Downtown SJ sure could have used that ballpark, $1.8 billion and over 500K square feet of mixed-use development. The tumbelweeds and crickets at Diridon South are many and deafning. Oh well, just needed to vent R.M...see you all in Fremont!

Nick Peraino said...

Here's a link to the city's press release:

a's fan said...

Off topic - ballpark issues aside - the shot of Mission Peak at Fremont's website always makes me smile. Have any of you cats been up there? If not, make a point of it, check it out. Beautiful, man.

Anonymous said...

So Anthony, does this mean you're going to stop blaming the Giants?

I'm sorry, if San Jose was the big, badass city you claim it to be, they could have put together a group of civic and business leaders(including Lew Wolff) and worked out something with MLB regarding territorial rights

But you and your ex-Baseball San Jose bretheren expected Bud Selig to just look at SJ's population numbers and move the A's there. How utterly naive!

I shed no tears for you.

James said...

Anon 10:30.

What an ass you are! That was a totally unnecessary post you submitted. I, for one, applaud Tony for being civic-minded and proud of his city. And I agree with him that there would have been a very good chance of the A's moving into San Jose-proper but for the t-rights. What's naive is your thought that the Giants would ever give up those rights if Wolff and San Jose banded together to try to make it happen.

anthony dominguez said...

Anon 1030, Is that you Rob?! Anyhow, no tears necessary because I have a wonderful life (family, job, good health, dream house, etc.). Back to the news at hand. R.M., don't you find it a complete coincidence that in the same week, the City of San Jose made a rezoning exception for Lew Wolff's Edenvale/IStar property, and Cisco Field development app. gets submitted. HMMM..."San Jose A's of Fremont" gets louder by the minute.

anon-a-mouse said...

Finally. Now the process can begin at last.

Georob said...

You know, Lew Wolff is still emphasizing in his public comments that the team is "staying in the East Bay." Additionally, the head of Cisco called this a great thing "for Fremont and the BAY AREA."

If the A's are going to be named for San Jose, I would think we'd start to see remarks like "bringing baseball to the South Bay", or references about "all the great support from the Silicon Valley corporate sector." That would at least tell us that Wolff is getting ready to give the A's a more southern identity.

Come on, Tony. Even NBC 11 had to abandon its "SJ" label to take on a broader identity. I suspect we'll see the same thing here though my betting money is still on "Silicon Valley A's"

But San Jose? No sir.

anon-a-mouse said...

I agree, Rob. I've felt for a very long time that it will be Silicon Valley A's at Fremont. Wolfe has dropped a lot of hints to this effect.