09 October 2007

FUSD Board Presentation on 10/10

Tomorrow, October 10, Keith Wolff will be making a presentation to the Fremont Unified School District Board at the Fremont City Council Chambers. The presentation is scheduled to begin at 6:30 p.m. There will be a comment period after the presentation.


Anonymous said...

wow, another work session (yawwwnn..). pretty soon these will get old as well.

Marine Layer said...

Let me know the first time you attend one of these sessions anon, and then we can talk boring.

Jeffrey said...


How does the proposed San Ramon City Center differ form the Pacific Commons development? How are they the same?

I guess the biggest difference is the Ballpark of course.

But I am wondering about traffic in the area. Since I have moved to the Tri Valley and work in San Jose, I notice that the stretch of 680 where 580 connects is always jacked up.

How do the traffic situations compare?

Marine Layer said...

The biggest differences from what I know of SRCC are that some of the land is owned by the City of San Ramon, and nearly 1/4 of the site will be devoted solely to office space. The ballpark village doesn't have specific office space identified yet. SRCC residential buildout will be less than 500 units.