02 February 2007

NFL's G3 funds gone

The 49ers and Raiders won't have the option of getting the NFL's help in financing their stadia. The league's G3 loan program, which provided up to $150 million for a new stadium, has been completely exhausted according to new commish Roger Goodell.

G3 helped make the NFL standout from the other sports leagues as it was the only loan program of its kind anywhere. It also smartly borrowed against the NFL's huge TV contracts, which are the envy of pro sports. Even that was going to run dry at some point, and it looks like teams that faced delay in getting their projects going would inevitably lose out, as the local teams have.

All the more reason for the two franchises to team up on a new stadium. It's not going to be easy to finance the thing, so everything from naming rights to value engineering is going to be even more important than before. As they get further into their plans we'll see how bad their situations are. Right now they're talking to their respective individual municipalities, but someone will see soon that such projects are cost-prohibitive.


anon-a-mouse said...

It's nothing to bank on, but Goodell said there will be another stadium funding program to replace G3. Who knows how attractive that will be, when it might be available or if it will ever come to fruition. But it's possible the locals can still elicit some amount of help from the league. I sure hope so, because I don't see the Yorks or Davis making up the difference.