10 January 2007

Lew Wolff on Ronn Owens show Thursday (11 a.m.)

At 11 a.m. on Thursday morning, Lew Wolff will drop by the KGO radio studio to visit with Ronn Owens. He'll probably give a small update on the ballpark. I don't expect much information in terms of the financing plan, but perhaps he'll reveal his vision for the parking/shuttle system. I wonder if they'll take calls as they did the last time. If you can't get the OTA brodcast, stream it here. Wolff's been in the area for a while, because n Tuesday he attended new San Jose mayor Chuck Reed's inauguration.

Speaking of radio, former A's exec Andy Dolich was a guest during KNBR's late morning show on December 26. Ted Robinson was filling in for Gary Radnich that day, and Ted brought out some great stories from Dolich, who currently works as President of Business Operations for the Memphis Grizzlies. When asked about the A's possible move to Fremont, he sounded disappointed, noting that geographically no city is better situated in the Bay Area than Oakland. He also said that various political forces (I'm liberally paraphrasing here) made it difficult for the team to stay in Oakland.

In Las Vegas, Cisco CEO John Chambers' keynote included a demo of next generation networking technologies, which of course included applications for use at Cisco Field. Back in San Jose, Cisco filed a lawsuit against Apple for violating its trademark on the name iPhone. Cisco introduced some VoIP (voice over IP) phones through its Linksys brand in mid-December. Apple, which introduced its version of the iPhone to much hoopla, could be forced to pay some serious coin - at least in a settlement. Ironically, it may be the Apple iPhone's dazzling UI that truly ushers in Cisco's vision of wireless internet ubiquity. Chambers' demos could get kicked up a notch by using an Apple iPhone (this opinion comes from an ardent Blackberry user). So perhaps what Cisco's really interested in is not payola - they might want a discounted license on Apple's technology. It's somewhat analogous to the A's-Giants territorial rights issue.


Jeff August said...

Did anyone listen? A recap?

Jimmy Jam said...

I'm listening to the archive now, if you want to hear it you can go to before 11 AM tomorrow (they keep an archive of their shows for 24 hours).