17 November 2006

Clear Channel goes private

Radio industry behemoth Clear Channel agreed to a buyout by a group of private equity firms, including Thomas H. Lee Partners and Bain Capital Partners. The total value of the buyout is said to be $18.7 billion.

The deal won't directly free up the radio market for the A's to pursue an interest in their own radio station. Clear Channel is divesting itself of its radio properties outside the Top 100 markets in the country, as well as its television stations, which are also in small markets. The closest market where a station could be available? San Luis Obispo. There's a slight possibility that if some of these small market stations were swallowed up by one of Clear Channel's competitors, there could eventually be some tradeout of properties. I'm not holding my breath.


Jeff August said...

Where is the 20 acre plot owned by Fremont mentioned in the article? I am only somewhat familiar with this part of Fremont, even though I lived in Fremont for a year.
Is it reflected in your colored picture two posts ago?

Marine Layer said...

The lone remaining parcel owned by ProLogis is the blue rectangle immediately above the ballpark.